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Enter the train number/name and track the current indian railway live status.


Basically, Train Running Status is a platform or service normally used in tracking down the live running status of trains so that you can spot your train with ease. The simplest way used by the Indian railways to monitor running train status is to simply keep a record of the time the trained arrived at each station. Whenever passengers ask for the live train running status, they are often shown the last station the trains arrived by the Indian railways. This platform provides you an easy option to spot your train day and night so that you can easily track your train whether it is running on time or it is running late and if running late then you can easily find out how much late your train is running.

Running Train Status

What could be the best way to utilize this device and monitor the current train position? Simply type in the number after which you choose the trip/ boarding / take-off/ arrival Day to obtain the current position. The Indian railways first began the train inquiry service some years ago to aid travelers in locating the current position of the train. This function is known as spot your train.

Live Train Running Status

There is certainly a distinction between train running status live and trains schedule. The train schedule provides information about both the arrival as well as departure time of the train at a station. It is the train’s timetable.

Current Train Running Status

What is the best way to make use of this IRCTC train inquiry service to locate your train position? Let me share an easy guide that will help you in locating the current train position. Type in the 5-digit number in the form, after which submit the information. Next, choose the name of the station and select the buttons for any of the day. Ensure that the train gets to the station on that specific date.

This great service which travellers have found to be very beneficial was made possible by the partnership between the India Railways and IRCTC. This is the listing of trains which are being monitored at the moment for live train status running position.


This simply means national train enquiry system. It is a web-based platform introduced by India Railways. It offers a number of exclusive services by the India Railways in which the most important service is to identify the schedule of the train as well as that of the railway. The NTES never give the real time status of the train. There is always a delay ranging from a few minutes to several hours. If we monitor for the location of a running train, what the India Railways does is to show the final departed station and with the level of delay at which the train is running currently. It will not notify the station until the train gets to the next station. Immediately the train gets to the next station, the stationed will be notified by the Indian Railways within a couple of minutes. This is the way the “spot your train” function of NTES gives the status of the train.

Strategies for Tatkal train Ticket Reservation

Tatkal reservation is the final feasible means to obtain a verified ticket for your trip. It is essential that you understand how you can make a ticket reservation using the internet before making a Tatkal ticket reservation. You might want to check on Easy Booking Guide at IRCTC.

Train Ticket Cancellation

Every passenger can easily cancel their train ticket if they do not wish to travel. A reimbursement request may also be created by submitting a TDR in case a passenger is unable to board the train. TDR may be filed only after 24 hours a train arrives its destination.

A number of regulations are applicable for every ticket cancellation. These regulations are different based on kind of ticket. For cancellation of E-tickets, cancellation of i-tickets, ticket reserved via the railway desk and for processing the TDR, as well as repayment guidelines, please check the IRCTC website. To learn more about the cancellation and repayment fees, you may check the official website of Indian railways.